Real Name: Arya

Height: 5′ 7″


Badjao boy who discovered Dagadon, the whale of Jonah. He can’t communicate with sea animals and can’t control water but can control the interaction of water molecules with fish bones or anything with calcium such as shells.

He, thus, can also change the pressure that water exerts on the body of a fish. He doesn’t normally reveal this ability since it is his special attack.

He only needs to touch the part of the fish where its bone is not covered with thick skin. Once he did this, he can control the interaction of water molecules with the bones so that he can maniputale the movements of the fish.

Since his bones have same material with turtle shells, he can manipulate water molecules as they interact with his body, thus, allowing him to breathe and swim fast underwater.

His weapons are two circular shurikens (20″ diameter) made from megalodon teeth. Sometimes, he brings with him a larger shuriken which he puts on his back. He can make shurikens travel underwater at speeds even faster than bullets traveling on air.

He fought against Dagadon and won. This made Dagadon respect him and made him his friend.

Arya is an original character created by Redentor de la Rosa.

Copyright 2018, 2019, 2020. All rights reserved.

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